Python and Django

I’ve gone through part of the Django tutorial. I installed the latest copy of Django, Python, and MySQL on my desktop (windows environment) and followed the tutorial through the first three sections. I’ve started to become familiar with the data models and the admin interface.

At the moment I am liking Django’s admin interface that is created by default a little bit more than the scaffolding that can be used with Ruby on Rails. As far as comparing Ruby and Python I still don’t know enough about either language to make a decision.

Update 7/24/8

Going outside of the tutorial, I created a few views and templates to get the basic idea. Using the Django Authentication module’s User model, I displayed a few things and plowed through a few of my own mistakes. I’m enjoying learning this.

Update 7/30/8

Finished the tutorial and moved on to create my own interface for Django’s Authentication. The app can create users, log them in and out, and list them. Simple enough, but I got the hang of the templates and form helpers.

More in this later post.