Code Spatter

posted on April 1st, 2008 by Greg in Personal Projects

Code Spatter is a personal project that I started when I thought it would be useful to have a Weblog about projects and other things involving web development to be used by myself and other co-workers. It was also a chance to use CyTE for a practical application and start development on MorfU. Both are open source projects that I develop for.

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Tragedy Guild Website

posted on April 1st, 2008 by Greg in Personal Projects

The Guild

Tragedy was a guild in World of Warcraft that had up to 40 members in a single raid event as often as 4-5 nights a week. There was a lot of information that needed to be saved from the raids. It was important to know which members attended them and which monsters were defeated that evening. The monsters would drop loot and it was necessary to know who received the loot. There was a game modification that would store all of this data, but there wasn’t an easy way to get this information onto the website.

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Pyrodius, Inc

posted on April 1st, 2008 by Greg in Personal Projects

All of my web development experience started with I learned PHP and MySQL to allow the website to dynamically add movie reviews to the website and allow users to post their own reviews. I created a blog to display the news of the website before I even heard the word “blog”.

At the moment the site doesn’t have any activity, but I will still use it to learn and test out new software or ideas. I have installed a few versions of phpBB and MediaWiki to test out various ideas. CyTE is also installed there for testing.

There are many things I aspire to do with the site, however other projects have taken priority for the time being.


posted on April 1st, 2008 by Greg in Personal Projects

MorfU is a project that I conceived that will combine all of the features of wikis, blogs, and forums. The name is an anagram of forum and is pronounced like morph you.

Current the only development that has been done on it is with Codespatter which only has limited blog functionalities.

This is a module for CyTE that should be able to be packaged with any installation seamlessly. There hasn’t been much else to test this with as of yet.


posted on March 20th, 2008 by Greg in Personal Projects

The Cyberia Template Engine is a project that was developed after Thomas Welfley and I wanted to expand upon the basic template engine used in Valhalla. We expanded on the idea of content slots to instead use keys which could return content as well as additional keys. This would allow the site to be broken into small reusable pieces and reduce the amount of duplicated code. There is also a post handler aspect that will help with error checking and collecting form data.

For this project I have created the database abstraction layer, the authorization system, and added the ability to package modules easily for future developers that may use the platform.

I have used this template engine on a few sites and in the process I have gathered an abundant repository of useful functions that will be packed with the release.

OpenID Provider

posted on March 20th, 2008 by Greg in CDWS Projects

I created an OpenID provider for CDWS. It connected to our LDAP server to authenticate users and provided them with an OpenID in the form of

I used the Jan Rain PEAR library for the OpenID connections and followed the code they provided in an example. I modified the example code heavily to fit it into the CyTE framework for easier future development and maintenance.

UCF Programming Team Log Manager

posted on March 19th, 2008 by Greg in Class Projects

As an independent study project I created a dynamic web site for the University of Central Florida’s programming team. The director of the computer science department was the main coach of the team and also the client for this website.

The system is able to keep track of programming competitions, practice problems used, and team rankings. Another feature of the system is it is able to relate categories and techniques with each problem.

A goal in this project was to be able to browse to desired pages from multiple directions (when there is a join table involved) and to be able to find things quickly without even needing to search.

This was another great application for CyTE, however this is an older version that is an upgrade from SSS by adding the newer version of the data access classes. The newer version of CyTE requires php5 which couldn’t be installed on the server at the time.

This was also presented at a conference in Las Vegas.