UCF Programming Team Log Manager

As an independent study project I created a dynamic web site for the University of Central Florida’s programming team. The director of the computer science department was the main coach of the team and also the client for this website.

The system is able to keep track of programming competitions, practice problems used, and team rankings. Another feature of the system is it is able to relate categories and techniques with each problem.

A goal in this project was to be able to browse to desired pages from multiple directions (when there is a join table involved) and to be able to find things quickly without even needing to search.

This was another great application for CyTE, however this is an older version that is an upgrade from SSS by adding the newer version of the data access classes. The newer version of CyTE requires php5 which couldn’t be installed on the server at the time.

This was also presented at a conference in Las Vegas.