How I Made

The idea came on inauguration day when someone was wondering how the stock market was doing. I had been to earlier in the day and the single serving site idea for the stock market came to mind.

It only took about 3 hours to create after I had the idea.

First 30 minutes: Find free data. Is there a feed or API?
Next 30: I couldn’t find anything useful so I decided to scrape a website using BeautifulSoup.
Next 60: I set up a Django project to put it all together. Created a model to hold the scraped data so I wouldn’t do it every page load. Created a simple view and layed out a template file and simple stylesheet.
Next 15: I found out how to add a method to so that I could call the scraping from the command line. python market_parse
Next 15: Debugging and adjusting. I hadn’t looked at the site yet, but there weren’t that many bugs.
Last 30 minutes: add crontab for every 20 minutes on weekdays from 9-5. It took a while to get going because I needed the full python path in the crontab.

So, is the market down?