Tragedy Guild Website

The Guild

Tragedy was a guild in World of Warcraft that had up to 40 members in a single raid event as often as 4-5 nights a week. There was a lot of information that needed to be saved from the raids. It was important to know which members attended them and which monsters were defeated that evening. The monsters would drop loot and it was necessary to know who received the loot. There was a game modification that would store all of this data, but there wasn’t an easy way to get this information onto the website.

The Site


For the site I installed phpBB and CyTE, then I created an authorization routine that would use phpBB.

Raid Tracking

The game modification stored the data as arrays in its native language which was Lua. I created a way to convert this data from Lua arrays into a MySQL database. Once in the database we could keep track of who attended events and who received which items.


I rewrote the gallery script that I created for Valhalla so that it would work with the CyTE framework. This is where the phpBB authorization came into play. I had it so that only guild leaders or officers could upload pictures to the galleries. These people were in certain groups in phpbb.

Entering Disrepair

I would love to provide links, however, the guild disbanded and eventually many members moved to Vindicatum. I copied the backend to the new website. The new site no longer uses the point tracking system or the gallery I created and instead uses a web services called Wow Web Stats to keep track of their raids. Maybe they were tired of looking at eachothers’ real life pictures since it doesn’t seem like they have an alternative to that. The gallery itself is still there, but there isn’t a link to it from anywhere ( except here).