UCF.edu v4 Middle End

I say middle end (even though it’s not an end) since I didn’t work on the front-end skin or on the content-management back end. The new site was launched a few days ago (6/21/8) and uses an installment of InQuira Information Manager as the content management system. With the CMS comes a JSP tag library. I used the tag library to extract data from the CMS and format it in the front-end layout. I was also responsible for designing the structure of the channels, categories, and schema in InfoManager.

Content would be added to channels following the data schema specified for the channel. A channel would relate to a section of content on the website. I designed it so that a category was what determined what showed up on a page. Athletics was one such category and it was tagged to data when added to a channel.

To add a new page, a category would be created, like Admissions. Then, when adding content to one of the channels on a page, the category(ies) would be selected to specify where the data would be displayed. An example of a channel would be the “More Information” section. Athletics and Admissions have different links for each since they are different categories. Each link is one row inserted into the channel that follows a schema.