Techstream (aka To Be Done)

To Be Done is a Web-based workflow tool that manages the collection, tracking, and processing of work requests. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It facilitates the collaboration between teams by enabling team members to create requests for other teams’ members to complete. Time-to-completion data is stored when a user completes a request and can be used to display totals, percentages, and averages of requests and hours in a report that can be generated automatically. The report that is generated can also display specific information per user and per course.

Similar to the request functionality, there is a tech support tracker which uses the same process with the addition of client information being stored.

I joined the project to develop the 2.0 version, which was a complete re-write since the original developer didn’t give us any comments or documentation before leaving.

My initial role in the project was to design the database and create the data access classes. After the interface developer left, I started fixing bugs as well as developing new features, such as the report generator. I also began broadening the scope of the project to allow for any team to assign tech support incidents or requests to any team.